Proven Systems

Our operational management team is empowered and trained to make quick and educated decisions. To aid in this process we install intergraded networks of policy, management tools and automated quality monitoring systems to ensure long-term success.

In fact, Gallop surveys taken just 90 days after implementing HSM's proven systems indicate a dramatic increase in patient satisfaction.

In addition to the proven systems currently in use, we continue to research and implement the latest technology using our vast industry network.

The ownership group of Healthcare Support Management has more than 30 years combined experience in exceeding customer expectations, developing and recruiting expert managers and support staff and improving support service management throughout the USA.

As you know, we are currently in one of the most difficult economic climates in our nation's recent history.  As a result, healthcare organizations across the country are faced with the challenge of finding ways to reduce costs while maintaining high quality and customer service levels.  Healthcare Support Management stands ready to help you meet and exceed that challenge.  With over 30 years combined experience in providing support service management, HSM is guaranteed to help your facility save 15% or more over your current EVS costs, even if that service is currently outsourced.

HSM will evaluate your EVS department FREE of charge and determine whether additional costs savings opportunities exist within your facility.  Call us today to schedule your FREE evaluation.

If your facility is currently involved in an RFP process for EVS, please allow us to provide you with a detailed proposal."